Skullbad Application

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Skullbad Application

Post  Skullbad on Sun Nov 15, 2009 3:35 pm

Name: Skullbad
Game you are applying for: CA
Who referred you, if anyone?: Ive been referred by --Exquisite a couple months ago
Location: Oxnard, CA
Rank: Cpt1
KDR/SDR(For both CA and AVA): 1.65(I dont play alpha that much)
Any FPS besides CA?: Nope
Best Map?: Junk Flea OMA
Best Gun?: G36e and Pp19 and of course M32 Very Happy
Any WOGL (World online gaming league) experience: Nope
Teamview/crossloop?: Yes
Do you have a working mic? Ventrillio?: Not Yet
Any leadership abilities?: Nope
Any teamview knowledge?: Yes I know how to teamview others for hacks

P.S. bvko_- if you really think I hack teamview me, -Revolutionize- isn't really good at OMA and Usp Tactical SE is 3 hit kill on mediums, thats why I got an unbelievble++ with 4 pistol kills. When you were fighting me one time all I was doing was throwing nades and I was flashed 75% of the dam game. Plus most of the time I was spawning behind people


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Re: Skullbad Application

Post  --Exquisite on Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:12 am

Oh wow Skull, you finally decided to apply to inFluence X:


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