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Post  Xerxcez on Wed Oct 21, 2009 5:04 pm

Name: Tyler
Age: 16
X-fire: Stewiedaman
Location: Northern Illinois
Rank: MSG2 (its low, I know)
KDR: 1.35, its low mainly because when I play regular matches I play WOGL rules and only
Fps's I play: COD, Killzone 2, Battlefield 1943, etc. Ive played FPS's since I was 6
Best map: Warhead (as a matter of fact I was in top 5 two weeks in elim pro on Warhead)
Best gun: Arctic wolf or G36e for WOGL, and m416 cqb otherwise
WOGL exp: Ive trained with my old clan for extensively, it disbanded two weeks ago, so we never got the chance to participate
I have Teamview
I have X-fire, Vent, and a Mic

Prior Clans: Popsicle Society, Vibrant Bullets, .green.berets.
I used to be an Admin of a level 4 clan. I was the WOGL trainer.
I've been teamviewed but don't know too much on how to do it.


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