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Post  lrn2eat on Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:48 pm

Index: Because this argument is so long, I listed points here so you can maybe take a break from reading and continue later:
Specialists & their weapons as well as OP weapons in general.
The Nexon Overpowered Weapons Conspiracy- Go against it! Stop buying OP weapons, both GP and NX!
You're supporting a corrupted company when buying OP weapons, not just NX weapons.
What's a better, good community.
What to do when you see a person with hacks or OP weapons
Why a better community can result from discouraging OP weapons.
Bunch of analogies to help you understand why having a fair item is better than OP weapons.
Better community with no hacks, no complainers, no immature players, no OP weapons=WINRAR game that rakes in huge profits for Nexon.
How a player would generally respond to my argument and why they are wrong. Taken from what I've seen in other threads I've made.
Summary&What I hope will happen from now on.

As most of you know, I have recently elevated my fight against OP weapons. I salute those who are on my side for valuing gameplay over your k/dr, and most of all, having fun in a fair game instead of trying to win every time and complaining whenever you lose like a noob/QQer/no-life/whatever you want to call it. What you're doing if you're playing with an OP weapon and knowing it as well as admitting it to yourself, is trying to have fun in an unfair game AND try to win every time.

Do you see anything wrong with that? Then follow me on this movement to get OP weapons out of our game. Now, let's look at why people say "spec noob", or "M32 noob", which evolved from the invalid concept of calling anyone with whatever weapon a "[insert weapon] noob!":
Specialists were introduced with new character design, smaller hitboxes(yes, even the male ones), as well as being able to wield tons of blatantly OP weapons(spec weapons), but at the cost of less weapons that you can hold at the time(you can only have the default backpack, or none at all, I forget. You can also buy a specialist second slot, which neutralized this point of specs being "fair".). But most importantly, they had stat bonuses with no counter-bonuses to even it out so that they didn't have a special advantage over someone else.

One can clearly see that the heads of Nexon got together, talked with each other about what gets them the most money despite unfair OP game balance. In fact, you could even say this was all a conspiracy to bring OP weapons like G36E, UMP, in the game, highlight what makes them so popular, and put a monstrous combination of all this, without any disadvantages to balance it out, into something they like to call "specialists". All this a grand scheme to find what is the biggest money maker, create an item with all these big money making factors, and mass-produce. Repeat process. Repeat Process. Yes,you heard that right. Nexon will look for the bigger money making factors in specialists, take them, and put them into a new item, and label it something else, have it for an extremely high amount of NX, GP users lucky to even get these for General of the Army rank and for 100k GP for 1 day, higher NX count than specialists, and sell them to us players.
Before I go on, I'm sorry if I have any historical inaccuracies with what came out first and what was originally out first, I can't bother to look for stuff like this when I am pressed on time for studying for the Finals.
Why wouldn't they do this? They say the biggest money making factors, but since they had no NX back then... Let's call this "popularity factor", during closed and open beta, i.e. high accuracy, low recoil, high damage, a good weapon with high stats in general. They looked at all this, and came up with: UMP, L96A1, M416, G36E, RPG, LAW, NX items , etc.. Then they tried to expand their market by including such things as: vests, mercs, weapon mods, etc. Then they took vests, mercs, weapon mods(I haven't seen this been overpowered yet, but trust me, it will eventually, they'll invent an extended magazine with +50% clip and +100% reloading speed, also +300 ammo added overall. I'm actually scared of posting this up as they'll probably add this in the next update if they read this.). Now if you are following with my theory as to what Nexon includes in their next updates, I will keep going if you really understand how this is : Take the most money-making factors, mash them up into one item. If not, go back and re-read this until you understand the concept or skip this and read everything, then go back to reading this part, you hopefully will get it.
Now, they take all the money-making/popular factors from all 6 of these OP GP weapons and apply it to NX OP weapons to make NX more worth it:
UMP,G36E, L9, LAW, RPG, NX items: High damage, highest possible damage if it is an assault rifle or something that shouldn't be OHK, like rocket launchers. Good accuracy. RPG and LAW both have 100% accuracy. The only time it could miss is if the rocket comes in contact with something not part of the aiming range, i.e. the side of a pipe in Overdose-quarantine when you are aiming at a zombie hiding behind pipe, but you see his zombie finger stick out, shoot it, and hit pipe instead. L9 was nerfed with lower accuracy, but why is it still favored over other SRs? Because it performs the best at its range, anything out of its range, people pull out a SR25 or M24 in extreme cases like Roadkill. We need to make it so that the L9 isn't the best SR at killing in range, make this opinion, not fact, by nerfing it in a way so that when applied with high amounts of skill, L9 CAN devastate anything within its range, but also have the exact same killing potential as any other SR at a farther range or even closer range when the same amount of skill is applied. To those who think L9 is perfectly balanced because of its RoF, accuracy, and recoil, you are wrong. Now let's think back: Nexon promised us guns that don't kill players just because they are better, in fact, Nexon promised that they would balance every gun, and that every gun, with the same amount of skilled use, can be just as good. i.e. A SR25 and MSG-90 are both very similar SRs, the accuracy determines what range is the best for it. Since they both have the same accuracy, they should be the same potential killing weapons right? One just has high rof, and the other.... Doesn't have anything. Msg-90 is considered underpowered, SR25 is actually fine, but you might say it's overpowered because of its ROF, but that can easily be balanced if we make the MSG-90 a "high damage SR with 2 shot kill, but slower damage like the dragunov. Does 90 damage, but hits slightly slower than SR-25." These kind of SRs are good for stealing killing or hitting them with a SMG at close range, running with a grenade or knife to a far away spot if you are not as skilled as they are at CQC, then sniping them. You can even miss and still kill them quickly because of its high RoF and high damage, however, if you camp with SR25, it will always be better since its purpose is to kill medium range enemies quickly. Long range is more suited for M24, and I feel MSG-90 can also get a small accuracy boost, just 1 above SR25, so that it is a little more accurate, making it serve a more meaningful purpose than just CQC hit 'n run to far away spot, then snipe. You really only have to hit them once with the SMG. Could even be the Uzi or skorpion. In fact,I can see guns like Dragunov be used like that. Dragunov has slower RoF, but high damage(75 I believe), making it a good kill stealer. rocket launchers also work well with them, but LAW and RPG are OP not because of the fact that they do 80 and 86 damage, and they have fair reload speed, but because of the fact that at long ranges, the rocket should have lost velocity due to lack of jet fuel to power the gas-powered rocket, or whatever it uses, and go a little lower than where it's aiming. Aiming with RPG or LAW should become a skill you need to learn if you want to hit enemies from medium or far range all the time to balance it out. As well as receiving 20 accuracy only when you jump and shoot, as no one can shoot accurately with this rocket launcher while jumping. 20 may be a little ridiculous, maybe 50. Now that I've had this self debate, you can see that things like high stats in general are what makes a gun popular.
If you look at NX OP items, they have higher stats than their GP variants, making them OP in a fight actually. If NX items just had portability and reload speeds increased to be more efficient, I'm sure less people would complaining about NX items disturbing the contract by suggesting a way where the NX items DO receive an advantage, but not something so big it makes everyone [censored!] their pants just by hearing it. Like if a player never heard of the UMP and often uses the P90 or K7, then discovers it. They'd be surprised how good it is, and get a higher k/dr than with a K7 than P90. Which shouldn't be the case.
That's how they came up with all these specialist ideas:
If you haven't noticed, these specialist ideas were actually taken from the Do not suggest list of the ideas and suggestions, like 1 hit ko rocket launcher(modified to a M32), or legit chams(modified to Satellite scanner), Huge ROF MG with high damage(minigun), flamethrower, airstrike an area you can't hit or a player you can't kill with true skill because you suck, so you need a fancy NX item to kill him. However, Nexon did a good job nerfing it though. But whenever an airstrike user get s a kill, it's usually by luck when players don't notice that the red dot is nearby, therefore not noticing it, making it a luck kill.(airstrike LGB and Napalm), specialists(mercs with good stats but no counter stats to make it fair), 1 hit ko mine that you can activate from a distance(claymore), Be able to heal in this game like in COD(medkit&stamina kit. I'd be okay with stamina kit, but not with medkit. That's just a big no. It should only be available when the specialist achieves a double kill, because
a) that's the only possible time you need it, you get an extra medkit every time you get 3 more kills since specialists are so OP. So 1 at double kill, another when you get fantastic, another when you get Unbelievable +++ and so forth.If you get a double kill and another double kill, it doesn't count. It does count if you get a double kill, heal up, and get a multi kill. Then keep getting multis in that one life... Eventually the players you farm-kill will get good enough to kill you, but I really hope that's not the case where a specialist kills 3 people repeatedly without any effort(obviously, we see that because of their OP weapons).
b) they're easy to get with specialists, and this one restriction will disallow specialists who are not as skilled as a normal player to hit n run and heal after the hitting portion(if the player is more skilled than you, he should be able to at least take you down to low hp even if you're skinny), and only use when they actually need it, not to defeat more skilled players by healing every time you get hit down to low health. ), more space so you can pwn more with specialist(specialist slot 2), and god forbid a slot 3. or even 10 where you can wield every weapon.
Now what I predict is that their new weapons are going to have even higher stats. Yes, the L115A3 is OP, because the L96 is OP. I agree that a weapon improvement that's meant to be better should be better because this is where ranking plays a role in this game, however, NX destroys the idea a ranking allowing you to get good guns because NX takes no skill/rank/kills requirement. Also, it's because if you read the reason I think L96 is OP, you'd know why L115A3 is OP, because it outperforms other SRs way to much to be considered balanced and fair. I see every player wielding it, meaning it's OP, because unfortunately, our community values how well they do individually rather than having fun, kicking back and relaxing, not trying TOO hard to maintain a good k/dr by cutting off your gun by camping the flag in death room and killing anyone who runs with a knife to take flag, that's just plain boring as well as k/dr raising, meaning you play to win, not to have fun.
This is also why we lose in Cabin Fever, every player is out for themselves instead of everyone working together. I usually only last to round 15 with a normal, stranger team that I don't know. However, we got to round 17-19 when someone with voice chat took up role as good leader and told everyone where to go. They actually stopped shooting and gave out commands. STOPPED SHOOTING FOR HIS OWN PERSONAL BENEFIT FOR THE TEAM. I am proud of people like that. But our teammates who didn't budge when they were helping half the team clear another part of the map, which shouldn't be what they're doing, it should be two people at doors, but 3 people at double spawn sites, like stairs. This is why this game is failing. Everyone is out for themselves, not to play the game, have fun, win legitly. Because I see people supporting glitchers and hackers in Cabin Fever, and it makes my insides churn with disgust.

So if you're an OP weapon user, GP or NX, you should be ashamed. You are supporting a corrupted company. Note corrupt is in the past tense. Nexon wasn't always like this, he was like any other honest, down-to-earth gaming company in the beginning. You can ask any beta tester, Nexon was a good company with good moderators and everything that actively listened to their players and supported them. None of the weapons were OP, everyone had around the same k/dr and rank actually so that games were fun, fair, no one hacked, and everyone had a gun with the same killing capability as any other gun, difference only being skill and at what range the gun was being fired at. Doesn't this sound heavenly? Now if you're thinking of bringing a viper+M32 in those times just to level up your k/dr by taking advantage of everyone in this paradise with no OP weapons like in this community and everyone at around the same skill level(They had around 1.00 k/dr btw, just to clarify how well Beta players in general played the game), get out of this thread now. You are ruining what was once a good game and is the sole reason why this game sucks now, why I look at this game and spit in disgust.

So let's think for a second, what makes a good community?
1. No hackers, no cheaters, no people who want to cheat.
2. No OP weapons. Why is this so important, and why am I so obsessed about OP weapons being banned? I even had someone say, "Dude, I'm surprised that in a game where hacking is the main problem, you're attacking OP weapons instead. That should usually be noticed AFTER the hacking problem dies out." Those aren't his exact words, but I summarized them pretty well.And also, I asked if I should leave this game because there are so many hackers, I get all yes's, but only one person who said this: "Hang back, stay here. Why? The hacking problem is going to go away eventually, you'll soon see a no hacking combat arms because they'll get bored of hacking."
That's pretty fail reasoning. If we let people walk all over us, they're not going to get tired of walking all over us, they'll just see that there's no resistance, so then they fight us and beat us down even more because there will be no consequences, they won't get in trouble. And even if they do(get banned), they can simply avoid the ban by making a new account and hacking again or changing their IP. Neither the community or Nexon can fight back in our current state. Nexon can't fight back against hackers because of their [censored!] incompetent hackshield which should've prevented hacking. However, Nexon may still be at fault here if they don't realize they can drop their hackshield contract because AhnLab didn't fulfill their part of the agreement and get a new hackshield that works and actively adds new hacks that come out in public so that we see at least, a lot less hacks. The community is also at fault here because I still see people supporting hackers in fireteam. That's disgusting. Hacking stems from the fact that you want to get better in this game without investing any more time or effort to become better and perform better. OP weapons are the same thing: You want to get better at a game but want to get better without investing any MORE time or effort in this game by getting something completely OP that gets you an advantage over normal players, which hacks also do when you break down both their definitions and compare.
3. A mature community is a good community: Basically the 2 points I said above are covered by this: Mature people don't try to be the best in this game by getting an item or tool that allows them to perform better than their skills should allow them, mature people play this game for fun, which is what I'm doing. However, it's harder to have fun recently when G36E is the only weapon I see and it's so blatantly OP, people who use it and say it's not are biased because they're defending a gun they love to use since it gets them the most kills, and they don't want to sacrifice their ability to falsely get a higher number of kills, fooling themselves into thinking they're a pro when they use an OP weapon, but they're really a noob when you take away their G36E and arm them with a MK16, M14/P90 ,and SR25, and have them start off combat arms with these weapons again, I guarantee you they will do worse than with the G36E+UMP+L96A1 generic OP combo. Even if they invest more time and effort into the balanced weapon combo, at the very best, they could probably maintain the same k/dr as the OP combo. And when they use the OP combo again, their k/dr will shoot up against not only because they're OP, but his natural skill are better.
Getting OP weapons is like getting plastic surgery. You're buying something that will give you a higher advantage in a community, that not everyone can afford or has access to plastic surgery(Not everyone can afford or has access to NX), making this unfair that they can make themselves have the perfect face or body just because they have money and poorer people are generally uglier because of this. Why don't the poorer people want the plastic surgery to be available to them in general? Some people, the poorer people, actually want this option to be available to them, because they are vain and self-conscious, thinking looks will get them somewhere. Granted, looks do get you somewhere. They make you more pleasant to look at, more sexually attractive, and more people will like you(this is a psychological thing. If you take psychology as a class in college or high school, you would know that sadly, people value looks more than they should. i.e. If a lawyer is really hot, but got her looks from a plastic surgeon with money, vs. a lawyer who was just as good as she is, but got her looks through natural beauty and preservation by using simple beauty products like shampoo or waxing their body to get a better look, something available to everyone at a fair price as well as not giving you an upper edge if you use beauty products, the lawyer who is hot would probably win even though they both have the same level of debate skills and being a lawyer in general. This is unfair and plastic surgery can be considered "OP" because of this fact since plastic surgery gets you further in life, but other people who can't afford it/don't have access it/choose not to because they see that it's "OP" don't get as far those who get plastic surgery, which shouldn't be the case in life. We shouldn't be misusing science and using it to make ourselves look better through genetic modification or something.
For example, a rich girl or a poor girl, it all depends on how well you apply make-up for who looks better if they don't use the "OP" method, which is plastic surgery.
i.e. A rich girl could get expensive makeup, but apply it poorly, making them rather weird, whereas the poor girl gets simple, cheap makeup, applies it expertly, but gets the same result as the rich girl, because her expensive makeup has so much flair that her lack of skill makes up for that fact and balances it out with the poor girl's results, making them the same, even though the poor girl had to learn more and get more skills at makeup-application than the rich girl but still received about the same result, which shouldn't be the case. If you gave the poor girl expensive makeup and the rich girl expensive makeup(for example, a GP user and a NX user are tested. Both have the same k/dr, kill streaks, uses the same guns, but different variations of it that are OP which make the NX player get a higher k/dr than his skill player should allow, which should not be a case in a FPS game.) a GP user would get a RPK-74M, whereas the NX player gets to keep his usual RPK-74M. No backpacks, no nades, no other weapon besides that. The GP user previously used the GP RPK, so he still knows how to use the weapon, just at a greater extent than the NX user, even though the NX user has the same k/dr because his OP weapon made it possible for him to get a higher k/dr than he should. They fight. The GP player wins! Woo! Justice prevails! But this is seldom seen in game. In game, the NX player wins because the GP player has the regular RPK, which is balanced and not OP. I know I said they have the same k/dr, but when you pit them against each other, the GP player's skill probably can't make up for the RPK-74M's sniper scope and just overall it's way better than the regular RPK.), the poor girl would look better than the rich girl since the rich girl don't got no skills, just some shiny item to show off. This also works in reverse. i.e. The same poor girl and rich girl gets average, cheap make-up, the rich girl probably complains that it isn't as good as her usual make up, which means she's complaining that skills now factor in a lot more than they used to, the poor girl would tell her to shut up and put your money where your mouth is, make-up application takes skill and only I, the more skilled one should look better, not you. You have to buy your way up to looking more attractive, whereas I can get the same result as you even when using poor people's make-up because I'm better than you at it. Suck it up and whoever has more skill would win, unless you are admitting, you, a rich, high class girl is less skilled than I am? The rich girl would probably take the challenge, since boys often ask her out, giving her a false sense of confidence, since she looks attractive due to her make-up, but not her skills at applying it, whereas the poor girl probably gets asked out as much as she does since assuming they both have the same personality overall which will now become a neutral factor and won't affect this next statement: The poor girl probably gets asked out as much as the rich girl since they both look pretty much just as attractive since the poor girl has skill to make up for her average, not bad, equipment, whereas the rich girl has fancy make-up that costs $1000 to make her look uber hot which makes up for her lack of skill. And in the end, the poor girl wins again, making the rich girl cry because she realizes what a failure she truly is at make-up application, or worse, she ragequits, and screams at her for being poor, making fun of her for not being able to afford the same high class make-up she gets daily instead of accepting defeat like a good sport would.

You might be thinking, "What is this Hazarath guy suggesting? That we forumers, that make up such a small percentage of the game, convince people that hacking in fireteam is bad? Our community is so bad, that's gonna be impossible, I [censored!] lol'd.", well then you're wrong. I'm not being an optimist here, I'm actually stating this based on facts in my history classes and in our actual history. People will change if you segregate and actually make what you want to be seen as bad TO BE SEEN AS BAD. Do whatever it takes. Whenever you see a hacker, yell "Noob who needs cheats to win." Rally everyone to do it. Spam the chat for everyone to say it. Say it! Get everyone on the opposite team to repeatedly vote kick the hacker. Even if the hacker has anti kick, keep doing it to annoy him, which probably won't work, but if they're that passionate about going against hacking, it will happen. Get voice chat users to spam voice chat(but not before telling everyone to turn off voice chat, besides the hacker), spam a megaphone into the voice chat that will either:
1: render hacker completely surprised and annoyed to such a point that he leaves.
2: If it happens in every game, hopefully, he'll quit and move on to somewhere us and be a loser.
3: He won't care and just turn off voice chat. However, if he turns on voice chat again when going into a new room, and everyone actually spams voice chat with loud noises that you just can't stand, he'll be so dismayed as to turning off voice chat forever. This alone is the first step to getting hackers to go away and fighting back against the hackers with passive methods, not by hacking back or tracking down their IP and beating them up, because that's just wrong. The next step is rendering chat unusable so his spamming methods of advertising hack sites won't work. This can be done by copying "GTFO NOOB HACKER" in large font, largest possible, and pasting it repeatedly on the chat, and getting everyone to spam it so much that the words:"Free chams at www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com!!! Go to that site to get 5.00 k/drs!" fly by so quickly that no one can even use it if they want to. This not only makes the hacker pissed off that he doesn't get free VIP hacks from his supplier, but also the supplier as well because his methods no longer work. This usually should work in getting hackers to leave, but they might still hack your room and farm hack kills. People who advertise with megaphone.... They're pathetic. When it came out, I thought no one would waste their hard earned money on advertising hacks, but I was wrong. They do advertise hacks because they want free VIP hacks. I report them every time I see it actually. One time, I got d/ced IN THE LOBBY, THE MAIN LOBBY WHERE YOU PICK WHICH ROOM TO GO TO, right when I clicked "submit report", and I don't think it was a coincidence. I see no way to combat this unless people with megaphones convince people to not going to those hack sites. Not by force, and not through verbal violence either, as they'll see you as the bad guy, and the friendly guy advertising hacks as the good guy instead of the other way around. Make yourself look like a saint, kindly ask them not to go to the site or Nexon will ban you, and because you make this game suck that much more by hacking. Even if people spam megaphone, it won't make the text fly by any faster so that people can't see it even if they want to. The hacking situation is bad, and we need to start changing as a community. This is the deciding point: If we don't change, this game will die. If we change, this game will thrive and be rid of this pest called hackers. You be the deciders, fellow readers. If you don't go against hacks and OP weapons alike, this game will die. I assure you, and here's why OP weapons indirectly support hacks:
Let's think for a second, why do people hack in the first place? There are many reasons. From trying to get back at hackers, but ending up giving in to the feeling of hacking and getting so many kills, valuing gameplay over k/dr , to just wanting a higher k/dr, not valuing gameplay balance and fairness over k/dr and rank.
Note the bolded statements. What does this sound like? That's right, using OP weapons. I hate OP weapon users almost as much as I hate hackers. Just for this reason. They both use these 2 tools because they want to get better without actually putting any more effort than they are with a regular weapon like an AK-47 or M4A1. The extremes are obviously hackers, who not just only want to get better by a little, but by A LOT. Only way plausible is using k/dr hack. Now why are hacking and OP weapons so similar?
Stop thinking of hacking as something of its own category, it's just a more advanced form of using OP weapons. Yes, start to think of chams, super bullet, OPK, k/dr hack, flying, as a weapon, an extremely OP'd weapon. I mean, that's essentially what it is right? If it weren't a weapon, and just immediately awarded you 50 million exp and max amount of GP as well as NX, then no one would really complain because they aren't losing at all from these hacks, in fact, no one is OPKing them anymore, all the hackers are turning to this new hack that essentially gives them what they want: High k/dr, good weapons, and in the Hall of Fame rankings. What do these people sound like? Pros. That's right, hackers envy pros, they are why hackers are hackers(well, at least one of the reasons why they want to cheat in the first place.). They see pros, and go like,"man, one day I'm going to be just like him!"
But as time passes on, he grows dismayed as playing legitly is a slow process of working your way up(How often do you see unskilled legit players? I see more extremely skilled legit players than I do unskilled legit players, simply because unskilled legit players are more goaded into fighting with hacks to false assume they have attained they same level as pros have, therefore they are done getting better. Same can be applied to OP weapons. If you get a 3.00 k/dr with a M32, you're not a pro, you're just a noob with an OP weapon. If you get a 3.00 k/dr with chams, you're not a pro, you're just a noob with an OP weapon. Do you finally see why I hate OP weapons so much? Just because of their similarity with hacks that I hopefully have successfully showed you why they are similar. Stop thinking of hacks as hack, but as an extremely OP weapon that can't be nerfed at all to make fair. Why do you think they made Satellite Scan?? Because chams are extremely popular with hackers, so they made a "legit version"and made tons of money off of it due to their corruption. We should not stand for the satellite scan, have it banned.

So many hackers, OP weapon users, cheaters, hacker supporters in fireteam, a bad community in general. Even on the forums, I see lots of flaming even between the people generally considered "nice" and "supportive" forum members. Stop it. All of you. It's immature, you are making the game worse, you are making Nexon losing profits by encouraging hacking when you see a hacker in fireteam, shame on you, seriously. In fact, Nexon should support my movement, why?
1) More profit. If this becomes a good game, you get more profit! Simple equation.
2) Better community. You would no longer have to put up a T rating for this game but a 10+ rating because the community would ban stuff like cursing excessively or even just acting racist all on their own, you won't even need to make up the rule, players would follow this rule even if you made it against the rules to go against racism if we get a strong enough community. 10+ Because this game still has blood and cursing. Although I really want this game to be M+. So that we stop seeing little kids thinking they're so cool cursing in between every 5 words and calling everyone that kills him/her a hacker. 10+ encourages more people to join this game, giving you a wider audience. However, the game quality degrades because of the lack of maturity in the community. If you rate this M+, no/very few immature people will be in this game, quality upgrades, you might get less profit because of less people, HOWEVER, that is balanced out by the fact that more 18+ year olds have money to spend on online games and they can decide for themselves how much money to spend, unlike 10+, where kids have restrictions on their money spending habits from their parents(I hope). And by the fact that mature community in a M+ game=good game. That is why this formula has always worked for games like Halo, Call of duty, etc., because they have a mature community, not just players who are complete noobs and act so obscene just because they are behind a computer monitor and feel like they can do anything they want.
3) Game becomes better, gets higher ratings on pretty much every game magazine. How good a community is actually the lifeblood of the game, not the company itself. You can make a game that far surpasses the whole Call of Duty series, but no one plays it because you allow hacking in the game, or you let it get hacked so much by not taking action that everyone either ragequits or joins with the hackers and hacks themselves. However, is it the fault of the company that their anti-hacking shield is not good enough? No. Hacking should not be a problem in the first place. I must admit we as humans have imperfections, therefore we do not make good decisions every time, hence we have hacking. A game with no hacking at all can be achieved if you get a good community that doesn't want to and won't even think of hack at all. However, a community discouraged from using OP weapons will definitely not hack as much, here's why:
You also keep hackers who try to convince your good community to hack by saying things like, "Hey man, don't you want a 20.00 k/dr? Or maybe just get an extra edge with chams so that you perform a little better? I mean hacks are just a weapon," away so as to not contaminate your community. You see, what my argument is getting at is that you should not use OP weapons. Hacks are OP weapons. Think of them like that. i.e. Satellite scan and chams have no difference besides the fact that satellite scan can be considered a lesser hack you have to buy that's not against the rules which has restrictions. It is disgusting that this company has degraded so much that it has created weapons similar to hacks. i.e. OPK/super bullet sort of equals M32. Very small difference. Also, if you haven't noticed, actual hackers, not script kiddies, who try to goad players into hacking are like drug dealers. They deal in something that ruins lives, and more importantly, your company.
If you think about it, you can essentially apply the same thing with people who try to convince you to use the G36E on the forums: "Hey man, don't you want to do a little better? I mean you're not hacking, you just have a better weapon than everybody else, but people like Hazarath tell you OP weapons=similar to lesser form of hacks, but what does he know? He's just some noob that vents on this forum (No I'm not, I am trying to get people to agree with me and actually change this game for the better, unlike what you're doing, trying to make the game worse by advertising OP weapons.), don't listen to him, what does he know? I bet he has a low k/dr and just complains when he gets killed by what he calls an "OP weapon", which there is no such thing.(G36E is better than every AR of its class. That's why it's so popular. It's OP because it's the best, and there should be no such thing as "the best gun", admit it at the very least if you're pwning with it and don't want to give up using it. Saying "there is no such thing as an OP weapon in combat arms, just QQers like you." is the most obscene, insulting, ignorant sentence I have heard in my entire left next to people who say, "There was no such thing as the Holocaust, people just made it up so we stop hating on Jews.". Just look at the M32: Anyone with a sane mind can see that it is extremely overpowered. Never say OP weapons in this game don't exist, because they do. If M32 is not good enough of an example, then take satellite scanner: It's even called LEGIT CHAMS. Meaning hacks that were modified to be acceptable. Satellite scanner actually wouldn't have sold very well if everyone revolted after seeing Nexon literally try to sell a lesser form of hacks(Extremely OP weapons), but people still bought them because they wanted that extra edge. Although I do openly admit I have a low k/dr(.81), because this is my first FPS, and I'm still learning. I was horrible when I first joined(.53), but I got a lot better now BECAUSE I don't use OP weapons and learned how to do things like tap-shot, spray, burst fire without burst fire mode, know how to shoot at a certain range with normal, average guns. Yes, you can get good at this game with OP weapons, but it should be frowned upon, because while you are getting better, you are also getting a score slightly higher than the score you should be getting with your skill level if you were given a weapon. Don't argue that "I'm good with a G36E and know all it's tricks. I'm pro with a 1.70 k/dr with it because I know how to control its recoil and aim with it." Well, it's been proven actually that usually, the recoil is what gets you headshots with it by recoiling the shots up to the head. But that's not the main point here: If you got just as good(by this I mean put in the same amount of time and effort, not get the same k/dr with another weapon, because it takes more effort to get the same 1.70 k/dr as with a G36E, since it takes more skill to maintain a 1.70 with a M14, which has been balanced by increasing its fire rate for those who are slow on updates recently, and is quite a good gun now with this buff, but still considered an average gun.) when using an average gun, like a M14 or Skar-L, MSG-90, RPK, P90, than you would perform even worse in fact. You'd get like a 1.3 or something instead of a 1.70 if you were armed and "skilled" with a G36E. In fact, when I was in foxtrot server, I manage to get 3.00 k/dr per game with RPG+UMP, the most OP combo I can come up with with GP weapons, just to prove that OP weapons=you'll do better, but you have the same amount of skills, in fact, you might get worse because you don't actually practice using fair weapons. People were calling me names like RPG noob or UMP noob or no aim noob, which are all true, and I accept the fact that I was being noobish on purpose, something all of you who use UMP or G36E or RPG can't come to grips with simply because you are not used to saying: "I'm a noob. I admit it. I'll change from now on and only use fair and balanced weapons as well as convince others to join my cause and make this game a better place by being a productive member of Combat Arms.". Btw, just to prove you wrong, I actually don't have such a low k/dr. When I play in Tango server, which only allows .80-1.2 k/dr people, I play with people around my skill level, therefore, me being with the lowest k/dr, .81, should be doing something like 10 deaths, 3 kills right? I'm actually a lot better than what my k/dr says. I join Tango server rooms and with guns that I use like M14, MP5 RAS, M4A1 CQB(Might be a little OP compared to its original. I'll discard it every time I get it from hisec case if it is.), I get 12 kills 11 deaths, which is around 1.05 k/dr. I definitely improved massively when compared to when I first played, which was .53. And I did it all without using OP weapons(I actually did in the beginning because I was tricked into thinking OP weapons are okay and people are noobs if they think you're a noob just for using a weapon that takes less skill to use, which is a wrong concept, and no one should believe this. You get called a G36E noob, then you are a G36E noob, it's a fact, accept it. No need to cut yourself or turn emo over the fact, just stop using it and if you really love the gun for its looks, scope, sound, feel, then you would suggest a de-buff for it so you can use it again, but be on par with other guns), as well as that ONE TIME, I bought RPG+UMP just to prove a point. I got 3.00 k/dr in Foxtrot server, while getting a 1.5 k/dr with P90 and SR25 in that newbie server. I am just as skilled with an UMP and RPG as I am with P90 and SR25, I know the same amount of tricks as both guns and use all 4(used law instead of RPG, and P90 instead of UMP sometimes) frequently when I was a newbie rank. Sorry for the page-long counter-argument btw, but you can't really have a short argument for this without missing a lot of points.[/b]), and wants to QQ on the forums. No one complains about the G36E like he does, so it must be acceptable to have it equipped right? Not even pros are shunning it. Only he is.(So what? If you lived in a society where it is acceptable to no-no word, kill, and steal, and you even see the people considered "honorable", or "high ranked in society" do all 3 of these things, does it even mean for a second, that raping, killing, stealing in this society is acceptable? Or even if it is, is it right? Is it right to kill, steal, and no-no word just because everyone else does it and considers it to be nothing wrong? Maybe you're not wrong, maybe society is, maybe the world is. Same logic here. Pros don't realize(except I do admit there are plenty of people who realize this, but lots of people whom are against this idea as well.) that the weapon they use is wrong; is not, and should not be accepted in a fair society, because it gives them way too huge of an advantage when compared to the average player with an average set-up. Going back to the analogy, this would be, anyone who is allowed to no-no word, kill and steal(use the G36E), and be allowed to gains an extra power(He can use the G36E, but everyone else can't because of either rank or pricing)over those whom are not allowed to do this. Then those who are not allowed to do this want to be able to no-no word, kill, and steal as well(AKA low levels want to be able to use the G36E), so the government(Nexon), allows everyone to be able to use it.(lower rank for G36E to a rank where everyone can use it.), does that immediately make it right? I heard someone say OP=not available to everyone, i.e. specs. Even though it's available for GP, it's insanely high priced and ranked, because it's all a marketing scheme by Nexon so that technically, NX players still have an advantage. Why it's so high priced and high ranked so is that us GP players can't complain that they are crossing the line in their contract, but at the same time, not really give them the same benefits NX players get. However, that's wrong, OP=Less skill needed to gain a certain amount of kills with this certain weapon because it's OP. i.e. getting 30 kills and 15 deaths is easier to get with a G36E than a M4A1, making G36E OP. This is concluded with proof by first playing with a G36E, then you use any and all ARs available in GP shop and perform not as great as the G36E, you can rank G36E as the best because you perform the best with it with the least amount of time and effort put into actually learning how to use it. )

I hope my EXTREMELY LONG argument has covered every area possible and managed to convince all of you that OP weapons are bad. OP weapons are part of the reason why some people want to hack instead of play legitly. OP weapons is why this game fell down from the heavens because everyone felt they were too good for average weapons and settled for OP weapons, who were too proud of their k/dr and didn't care if what they do makes the game as a whole suck because everyone uses G36E, UMP, L96A1. If my argument did nothing to convince you that OP weapons are plain bad and should be avoided, then at least stop using those 3 weapons, I'd like to see some M107s, which are actually not bad in terms of balance, but could use an accuracy de buff so it's the least accurate sniper in the game, hence why it needs such a good scope, or even some L85A1s sometimes. I'm [censored!] tired of seeing the same guns everywhere. I'm sorry it had to be so long, but when I tried a short argument in my other thread, I missed important details that posters repeatedly continued to attack even when I told them to read through the entire thread, therefore I came up with the best idea: Make the first post as long as an entire thread. Lol. Ridiculous, I know, this took me more than 4 hours to type up and use brainpower on. I hope I made a difference. I hope you drop your G36Es, your UMPs, your L96A1s, your L115s, your OP NX items, and go for some fair NX items or GP weapons, like MK16 Skar-L, default weapon change, SG556 Camo LE, M4A1 instead of a G36(no not M416, it's OP because it takes less skill to perform at the same score as with another weapon when compared to M416, say Skar-L, or AUG. M416 is just too good. I expect it to be better than M4A1, but Nexon overdid it, M416 is TOO GOOD. If G36E gets nerfed, this is the next gun everyone complains about, and I guarantee you. If we nerf all the OP weapons, this game will become gold. We will be just like back in beta times except it's a bigger game, with hopefully a bigger and better community that is helpful, never flames each other, and anyone who calls players hackers or noobs just because they killed him, will be attacked by both all teammates and enemies for QQing and whining because they lose all the time.
This wasn't just a huge rant about hacking or OP weapons, I'm telling everyone to stop your insults, stop you flaming on the forums, drop your OP guns, uninstall your hacks, don't worry if you used to do any of these things. Even hacking. If you reform and become a productive member, hey, maybe even become a forum moderator Smile, you will be forgiven, your sins will be forgotten and forgiven by all because you learned your lesson, you know what you did wrong and will never commit that heinous act again. No one will make fun of you for being a former hacker or troll or just plain , and if they do, they're noobs for not realizing that no one is perfect and that we all mistakes in our lives.
How I got this idea?

I used to play a game called BOTS.
It's horrible now, bad community and game doesn't work.

Why doesn't the game work? The company stopped caring ever since hackers invaded our game and rendered everything useless. They constantly hacked servers and made them unplayable, if you opened the game, servers like Foxtrot, alpha, simply wouldn't appear. Not a single server would appear for you to click on. On that day, more than half the players quit. They could stand OPK hack, infinite health hack, hell, even kill hack where victim has 0 hp and can be shot at repeatedly for kills every time. Everyone tried to survive and endure because they believed the hackers would one day get bored of hacking BOTS and leave. They didn't. They stayed and the assaults only got worse and worse. Elevating from OPK hack to d/c hack that gets hacker 100 kills and messes up your game. It elevated to if they knew your username, they can type it in on the login screen and can bypass security measures by not needing your password to login, by checking off a small box in the firewalls saying "This account doesn't need password to login" using hacks. They were wrong. We were wrong. Combat Arms, learn a lesson from BOTS. Hackers are relentless. They won't stop until the game is dead, that's when they stop hacking you and move on. Do you truly want to play Combat arms when it gets hacked to death so much that you have to relogin to just equip an item? That when you try to look at some characters, hackers purposely removed your character model files so you can't look at characters in game without d/cing because those [censored!] took away your files? Do you want to play a game without hackers that had only Black Market server? Where only people with NX could play because only one server could be open. Technically, servers like alpha can be open, but they usually are brought down and hacked within an hour. Because hackers only after to press a button to hack a server if they work hard enough to hack. If you guys are gonna be like the people during the Holocaust and be like "Stuff like Hitler doesn't exist, it can't possibly be! How can there be such cruel people, such stupid, ignorant people in our era and age? This is 1921!(forgot date), nothing bad is going to happen, I'm sure Jews exaggerate.".
That's exactly what you're doing:
"It's 2010! A new decade, a time of happiness and stuff like *** don't exist(Neo-*** dumbass.), nor are there hackers that truly hate this game well enough(Then you are saying the hell I went through with BOTS never happened. you and your ignorant brain. I hope you take a gun some day and kill yourself because you are a living fleshbag, total waste of space.) that will hack this game to death and ruin this entire game! I mean, why would they do that? Why would they want to do something that not only puts us at a disadvantage, but them as well, because they are rendering it so that you can't play either. We all, the BOTS community asked ourselves that question too, "Why destroy BOTS? What could possibly be the purpose of killing an already dying game with hacks?! Why put everyone at an disadvantage and make this game unplayable with the server-crashing hack? It's just stupid."
One of our members were friends, but he doesn't accept the idea of hacking, they're just friends in real life at college actually. The hackers responded:

"Acclaim, the company that runs BOTS, and HanLab, our Gameguard anti hack protection, all 3 of these companies fail at providing sufficient, proper technical and customer support, proper anti hack support,as well as dropping GameGuard when it obviously was failing. It's not that hard to catch the new hacks, they're all over the place, even in the game. Acclaim and Gameguard are both extremely incompetent, making players quit. Our update team which isn't in charge of anti hack protection does a better job than the actual GameGuard. Gameguard provides anti-hack updates, but even when it updates, there are so many hackers out there. However, after updates from our update team, as well as gameguard ACTUALLY DOING SOME WORK BECAUSE ACCLAIM EXPECTS THEM TO FULFILL THEIR CONTRACT. WHICH GAMEGUARD IS GIVING THIS ILLUSION BY ONLY ACTUALLY WORKING NEAR THE DEADLINE, AND EVEN THEN, THEY ARE INSUFFICIENT. IF I WAS A TEACHER RECEIVING A PROJECT DONE NEAR THE DEADLINE, I WOULD'VE EXPELLED THE KID FROM SCHOOL. A F DOESN'T JUSTIFY HOW HORRIBLE IT IS. A F- IS STILL MILES AWAY FROM BEING CLOSE TO THE AMOUNT OF FAILURE I SAW. IT WAS MORE THAN A Z-----, I SAW A COMPLETE FAILURE OF LIFE STANDING BEFORE ME. You know what happened next? HanLab, our update provider, quit supporting both languages of the game because they weren't making enough profit because of all the hackers making everyone quit. There were other games out there worth making games for, and the fail customer support and running company as well as fail anti hack was ruining the income rate. The update guys do way more work than Acclaim or GameGuard does. Gameguard is too easy to hack as well because it's been hacked so many times. As your entire BOTS community knows, This game has stopped receiving CONTENT UPDATES. Which games like Combat Arms solely depend on to keep its popularity up because it fails to provide proper game protection or customer support, drastically lessening the popularity, and is why beta times are often seen as the golden age, since that's when we had good tech support and responses since we had a smaller population than 100 players as well as easy to patch hacks because barely any hacker knows about beta games, or even bothers with them.
So you want to know why we hack a dying game? You're not much different you and I, I hacker, you player, victim that gets caught in this crossfire where we wage war against Acclaim. We hack BOTS for a number of reasons.
1. We hate acclaim and hanlab for their incompetence.
2. By hacking this game at a phenomenal rate, BOTS company can no longer say "Hacking is not an issue" just because there isn't much hacking going on. Therefore we hope to get the company to pay attention.
3. Guess what? The company still isn't paying attention. It's given up on BOTS. It sees a dead game now, and no longer tries to revive it, it's like giving water to a dog died of thirst. There's no point, no amount of revival now can bring it back up. Why not have some fun and mutilate the dog?(yes, we hackers are sick I LOVE NEXON, we know that and we're proud of it Smile ) . The company in fact is milking a dead cow. It's trying to squeeze out every last bit of Acclaim coins it can get out of you pathetic people who still try to actually play this failure you call a game instead of hacking it like us and try to have fun with this carcass of what was once an active and thriving game in 2007. Also, it's paying more attention to its other games, like 2moons and 9dragons. They actually would rather make a pony, browser-based, girl's game(it's called Ponystars, look it up. Made by Acclaim, costs a -ton of money to actually play, and sucks in general. Even though it was designed for girls, girls say it sucks compared to other games.) than update this hellhole of a game. Once windows Vista came out, this was the last game, which took the longest time to get up to speed, unlike its other downloadable games. 2moons and 9dragons got to be downloadable on Vista first, whereas BOTS last. What does that say about how much Acclaim cares? And now the Windows 7 is out. They're not even bothering with BOTS. Every other game the company owns has been updated to be compatible with Windows 7 users except this game. This is proof the company no longer cares. It's given up on this game and will go on with its own game. No amount of protest can change this because they've made up their minds not to try to feed a dead bird."

And with that, we fully understood why the hackers did what they did, and that they truly weren't very different than us: We both wanted to see the game improve. Sadly, the game did not improve no matter what we tried to do. We players tried everything, literally everything, even the community as a whole finally resorting to hacks when trying to make peace or even infiltrating the hacker bases and exploiting to the company what hacks the game has, even giving the links to these hacks, doing gameguard's job for Acclaim and giving them the hacks. You know what happened? They got an automated response and the hacks they tried so hard to get, which were actually next patch's hacks prepared by hackers, every attempt we made was futile. No matter how many warnings we gave Acclaim, they simply didn't listen and went head-on with hacking disaster after disaster, eventually making the game die.
We tried combating hacks with hacks, you could say I'm a veteran. I'm tired of seeing games die. I want to protect games, not kill others or have to resort to verbal, physical, net violence in order to get my point across. I just want to see games be games. Not battlegrounds for hackers vs. legits. I just want to see a game where I can enter and have fun, not a worry in the world about hackers or people who complain when they die. A mature community that will make the game better if they have to.
Again, we turned to would-be saviors ,the hackers, if Acclaim had just paid more attention to our game, they would have been punished and the game would be normal like always. The hackers were truly willing to sacrifice themselves, actually serving jail time so that this game can be at peace again. They were way more devoted than our GMs, because they actually invented hacks, posted it up, and told GMs the IPs of everyone who downloaded their hacks and to ban them. They were good hackers. And they even offered to basically be beheaded for the good of others. They were the kindest hackers we have ever met and were surprised to meet over a game on the internet.
We asked, "What now? The game's dead... Almost everyone, pros and noobs alike, has left. What now?"
"Leave. This game is no longer playable because of sadly us and the company. I too weep with you my fellow BOTS player. It's sad that we had to live through our greatest fear: See this great game and community die right before our eyes, try out hardest to revive it, and eventually fail. Heroes never win. The hackers will always win, the heroes will always have faults and lose. That's the lesson I learned from this game, there are no such thing as heroes, we hackers were foolish to try any of our schemes to catch script kiddies and give GMs their IPs, it all amounted to nothing. We are failures even as good hackers."
We tried to tell them no, they did good, it's not their fault, it's Acclaim. But they didn't listen. Now they hack other games and are no better than the average hacker in combat arms. I hate acclaim. It ruined perfectly good people, turned most of our pros into hackers because of their lack of action, and so much more that I can list endlessly. This is what will happen to Combat Arms if you don't stand up. I'd say this game's tech support and how well it listens to their players is much better than BOTS. I have matured so much and learned so many life lessons by watching a game bloom in closed beta and die in 2008 december. The date where every pro on BOTS had his account hacked, deleted, stolen of rank, money, equipment, but not our spirits and fame. Which also dwindled with time. NO ONE seriously plays this game any more, it's still available to download at www.botsgame.com if you want to see what kind of hell I've been through and see what a shithole that game is now.
Everyone stand up and fight!
Fight against the hackers with blades of words, with arrows of justice and most of all, your guns in game. Turn friendly fire on and kill hackers on your teams! Do everything in your power to prevent this game from suffering death, from suffering from hackers, everything. Call OP weapons users noobs who buy their way up in the game to win, who need mommy's credit card to beat a [censored!] online game. Call your friends, messenge everyone you can, megaphone it on the server chat, "Don't hack. Don't use OP weapons, spread the word! We can save this game from hackers, yes, you, the person reading this message from behind a computer screen! I don't care if you're President Barrack Obama or a 6 year old just starting to get into gaming, anyone can stand up from the unmoving masses of players and say something, go against hacking! Go against OPness which caused all this in the first place!" Why do you think Nexon got corrupted? That's the biggest question of all. I want each of you to post the correct answer: OP weapons did it. We bought so many that Nexon got turned GREEDY. BY US. WE TURNED THEM INTO A MONSTER AND WE WILL TURN THEM BACK INTO A GOOD, HONEST COMPANY. COME ON EVERYONE RAISE YOUR FISTS. SPEAK UP. FIGHT BACK AGAINST HACKERS, OP WEAPON USERS WITH WORDS, DEBATE, AND YOUR MOST IMPORTANT WEAPON OF ALL, YOUR HEAD, DROP YOUR OP WEAPONS. WE SHALL MAKE AVERAGE WEAPONS SOAR ON THE NX CHARTS AND LET G36E VALKYRIE, UMP45, L96A1 BLACK MAGNUM FALL TO PITS OF DISUSE. WE SHALL SEE OVER 9000 SALES ON SG556 LE, PRIMARY WEAPON CHANGES, YET NEGATIVE SALES ON OTHER OP WEAPONS. ALL OP USERS ATTEMPT TO REFUND YOUR WEAPONS. GP USERS DISCARD THEM. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, NOW IS THE TIME, WE ARE THE PEOPLE, WE ARE THE LIFEBLOOD. WE ARE THE GAME.. Beat fly hackers by sniping them in the air, beat OPKers by crouching all the way to their base so they don't see you and repeatedly knife them in the head so they see what it's like, spam chat box when you see people advertising hacks. It's useless to turn towards Nexon and expect them to do something. If they don't fight back, we fight back! Not with hacks or violence, because then we would be no better than they, but with skill, determination, a level head, and getting everyone to join in on this movement. This isn't just a fight against OP weapons and who is truly skilled or deserves to be in the rankings, but OP weapons is what polluted Nexon's thought to come up with OP NX weapons, because we buy them too much, so stop it! Make them see we value gameplay balance by stop buying those OP weapons both GP and NX. If you buy GP OP weapons because you think: "Hey, I'm not supporting Nexon, but c'mon man, I want to keep my k/dr,", then get out. You don't understand what this movement is about. This is about so noobs like you gtfo our combat arms. This is so we get players with skills remain. And even if you are a noob, just admit it, reform, and become a new person that values balance over k/dr and winning. Have fun. My brethren, my fellow players, my fellow gamers who wish to see this game in its golden age, it's not too late! It's never too late! this game can be saved. Just act out and fight against the hackers!

I personally must congratulate the creator of the Weapon Rebalance thread, you are a soldier I will gladly befriend, fight, and die with in game and irl. I am glad to see I am not the only person this passionate about fighting OP weapons, hacks, bad communities. I am glad to not be alone in this war. For being alone is the worst nightmare for the survivor. Heed my warnings. This game will suffer the same fate if we don't act out. Survivors of the Holocaust who didn't act out faced their worst nightmare: Not being able to speak of the hell they went through and sharing it. I am not going to make that mistake. I will spend countless sleepless nights to fight hacks, OP weapons, and bad communities with the only way I know how: Persuasive Essay.


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Re: 14 pages of CA

Post  FinaLightS on Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:03 pm

Two things:

1) This forum is outdated and abandoned. No one comes to this site, and they shouldn't. The clan has changed in the past couple of months, so no one should depend on this site any longer.

2) If you really don't like this game, don't play it. That's what I suggest. I came to this choice a very long time ago (Since the beginning of 2010) and I have never regreted it, except for the fact that I'm pretty much leaving my clanmates.

I've tried to talk people into leaving but don't like to face the reality that Combat Arms... actually all the games Nexon releases is just for the sake of money. I will never buy NX anymore nor will I play Nexon's games. That is my form of protest and honestly, whoever thinks that buying NX is better than buying a game hasn't seen the Steam store yet. I just recently bought CS: Source for only $7! Now how much does $7 get you in the Cash shop? A 30 day weapon? Seriously?

Honestly I spent over $200 on various Nexon games and I regret that. The clan has been enjoyable but honestly I can't take the game anymore. It is one of the buggiest and ugliest games I've seen in a very long time. Just don't play it. I suggest a game like EVE online (I currently play this at the moment). It is a great community based game that I enjoy playing hours on. Just e-mail me (axci1234fire@yahoo.com) if you are interested so I can give you a 21 day trial, and the subscription is only $15. Otherwise, I suggest other great FPS games like CS: Source or even MW2 because I hear that they are updating with fixes to the multiplayer, which is great news.

The gaming world is highly dependant on the community, and it is our job to weed out the good from the bad. So I cry out a call to gamers: Think before you play. It will make the gaming community much better. If you think it's a bad or meh game, don't play it. If you think it is promising, try it then decide whether or not you want to play it. The thing to watch out for is when you should leave. That is different for people but Nexon, with it's Cash shop and such, is signalling "GET THE HELL OUT OF COMBAT ARMS NOW."


P.S. If you have any comments, email me @ axci1234fire@yahoo.com. I'll respond as best as I can.


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