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Post  Epic_0wnage on Fri Dec 25, 2009 1:02 am

Name: Kevin ingame name Epic0wnage
Game you are applying for: AVA
Who referred you, if anyone? Nope i played with you guys b4 thot id like to take another shot Very Happy
Location: Arcadia, California
Rank: Corporal
KDR/SDR (1.5+ for both CA and AVA): 1.46 - 1.49 low rank usually bounces in between there
Any FPS Exp besides CA? CODM4W2, L4D and 2, Soldierfront
Best Map: Castle Rock
Best Gun: AK-47 (atm) Smile
Any WOGL (World Online Gaming League) Experience? Yep. atm playing wogl s3 in ca for
Do you have teamview/crossloop: Yes/No
Do you have a working mic? Ventrillo? no mic atm but yes mic Smile

Well thats it lol i know i has left in CA but id like to join in AVA for fun Smile ty for your time in reading this Very Happy

Do you have any prior experience as an admin/in a leadership role?
Any Teamview knowledge?

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