__AnthraX__'s application for influence

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__AnthraX__'s application for influence

Post  AnthraX on Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:34 pm

Name --- Alex
Location --- Brooklyn , New York
In-Game Name --- __AnthraX__
CBL Status : Clean
Age --- 20
KDR --- 1.35
Headshot Ratio --- 22.30%
Rank - CSM4

Im active every day from about 11AM - 9PM Eastern.
Im a very good player , especially during CW's teamwork.
My teamview is always opened , so i can let any1 teamview me whenever i get accused , whether its a noob accusing or not , i will allow them to do so , out of my respect.
I used to be a clan leader myself , i was the leader of iTOXiC clan , wich i terminated about 2 weeks after creation due to inactivity.
My old clans are --- Xtreme Rangerz , Upper Cutt Inc. , Devils Creed , iTOXiC , iCLutCH , Hired Mercs Inc , __DemKripplez__.
My favorite modes --- SND & CTF
Favorite maps --- Warhead , Sand Hog .
My guns --- MP 7 MOD & Famas G2
Merc --- Mei
Able to Clan War --- Anytime , im always up for it.

* I have Ventrillo , Teamspeak , & GSC. I have a microphone as well.

*I am very respectful towards other players , especially my clan members. I absolutely never hackusate & if i do it will be really rarely & the complaint will be between to either clan members or team members only. I dont QQ , and dont like it when other people do. I have a low temper , but i also like to joke around alot lol.

*I know photoshop very good & I also design forums , so if you need me to design [or create a new] forum for you guys , i can do that. One of my work examples is --- iclutch.forumotion.com

Thank You for reviewing my admission post , I hope you I get accepted. sunny



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Post  AnthaX on Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:18 pm

oh and forgot , just before hand. Ive been hackusated "ALOT" because of my headshots , when i started of , i was ok with headshots . But i learned the trick [mouse sensitivity], my mouse DPI (Dots Per Inch) & the handle of it , and ever since ive been getting nothing but headshots mostly , so ive been kicked from about 70% of the rooms i play. So now i only play in either kilo or blackmarket [Elite] Rooms only.


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Re: __AnthraX__'s application for influence

Post  ... on Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:13 am

Thank you for your interest in inFluence, Alex.

Regardless of your HS %, you'll need a 1v1 tryout with me. Add me in-game, IGN: -TJ_, for the tryout. The map will be Snow Valley (for range purposes). I will not be paying attention to the score (out of 15) as much as your gameplay style. So don't worry about score, I'll be focusing in on your playing style.


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Re: __AnthraX__'s application for influence

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