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Post  Logikize on Thu Nov 19, 2009 10:17 pm

Who referred you, if anyone? My
friend Jake lolwut
What Game are You Playing For? Combat Arms
Age: 14 but sound 25
xFire: Can't Afford it.
Rank:Csm 3 < LoL at Question
KDR/SDR (1.5+ for both CA and AVA): I mean 1.46, Clan Scrim KDR: 1.10
Any FPS Exp besides CA?No
Best Map:Warhead
Best Gun:G36E
Any WOGL (World Online Gaming League) Experience? Not Actuall WOGL League But I Run shit in Drafts. wsup
Do you have teamview/crossloop: Yes.
Do you have a working mic? Ventrillo? Yes/Yes.

Do you have any prior experience as an admin/in a leadership role? Yes
Any Teamview knowledge? Alot, Yes.


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Re: LogikiZe App

Post  ... on Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:40 pm

You seem to have answered the questions like its a joke ...

i.e. the (< LoL at Question) , "I run shit in drafts", and the 'lolwut'. We aren't a totally serious clan, but please be serious when applying. We dont mind jokesters, but you took it a bit far in the app.

You'll need a tryout, your kdr is a bit low (no offence). Please add me, Tehjman1993, in-game for a 1v1 tryout. Map will be Snow Valley (for range purposes) and you'll be given our vent info soon so you can jump on while trying out. But for now, just sit back and wait.


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