Clan Rules/Regulations

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Clan Rules/Regulations

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:46 pm

Welcome to SycoTiK Gaming, the following are the rules that we govern ourselves by:

1.) There is no excuse for failure. Play by that, live by that.
2.) Do not harrass, curse, or "stalk" people. If I or an admin gets note of anyone doing this, you will be issued a warning. Second violation is removal from the clan.
3.) Do not AFK or leave clan wars without a valid reason. First violation is a 3 day suspension from clan wars, second violation is 7 days, and the third violation is a 30 day probation period, where your membership in this clan will be re-evaluated to see if you are a good member for this clan or not)
4.) Be active.
5.) Always remain respectful to your clan members, and those that you play with.
6.) Do not hack nor glitch. If caught, with evidence, you will be removed from the clan with no explaination. I do not give second chances for caught hackers.
7.) Always act mature, and not immature no matter what the situation is.
8.) Clan Practices will be held: Mon-Thus-Sat if we have enough people for at least a 4v4, if not then it will be cancelled.
9.) Always be enthusiastic about clan warring, or pubbing with your clan members. It shows good representation.
10.) If you are on CA, you need to be on VENT.
11.) Do not spam the clan chat, first violation is a warning, second is a 7 day suspension, and third is removal from the clan.

If at anytime you are suspended and there is a clan event going on, you will not be able to participate in the clan event.

--Exquisite (Clan Leader/Founder)

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to xFire (SocialBunny) me or PM me in game.


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