S3XATRON's Application

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S3XATRON's Application

Post  S3XATRON on Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:12 pm

Hey, First of, i'm a good friend of TheNewElite. I've been in a previous clan with him (Syndicate X).

Game you are applying for: Combat arms and AVA
Who referred you, if anyone? TheNewElite ( kinda)
Age: 15 ( Veryy mature)
xFire: Spectrum13
Location: Virginia beach, VA
Rank: SSG but i had CSM ( got banned for spamming )
KDR/SDR (1.5+ for both CA and AVA): Combat arms : 1.55, AVA : 1.6 something
Any FPS Exp besides CA? I played croffire and OP7 for a long bit.
Best Map: Warhead/ Junkflea
Best Gun: g36e or l9 of any kind. also like the sopmod and CQB
Any WOGL (World Online Gaming League) Experience? No, but WOGL is 1 of my favorite game types to paly in C.A.
Do you have teamview/crossloop: I have teamviewer.
Do you have a working mic? Ventrillo? I have a mic and ventrillo.

Do you have any prior experience as an admin/in a leadership role? I was a leader of a clan ( Team Extract ) Record 24-7. Disbanned tho. ( obviously) Razz
Any Teamview knowledge? I know how to teamview. Rating my self 1-10 by teamviewing, i would say 8. ( dont know to much with XP) only vista. Smile

Well thx for your time. uh add me on xfire or just do hat you do on this site.


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Re: S3XATRON's Application

Post  bvko on Tue Nov 03, 2009 3:44 pm


Thanks for applying. You will have to start at the inFluential level. As everyone else. To prove that you are loyal to inFluence and are not a clan hopper. Go ahead and apply to inFluential and I will accept. I will get in contact with you threw there about teamviewer and further things. Remember to add me and we host our games in Alpha 1 and Black market!

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