-GeNeRaTe's Application (-Simplify)

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-GeNeRaTe's Application (-Simplify)

Post  -GeNeRaTe on Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:30 pm

Name: -Simplify
Game you are applying for:Combat Arms
Who referred you, if anyone?
Location:Moreno Valley ,California
Rank:2LT #2 (5%)
KDR/SDR (1.5+ for both CA and AVA):2.40
Any FPS Exp besides CA?Nope ,but i have 1year+ experience in CA
Best Map:Junk Flea
Best Gun:G36E
Any WOGL (World Online Gaming League) Experience? Nope
Do you have teamview/crossloop:Yeah
Do you have a working mic? Ventrillo?I don't actually ,but i'm planning to get 1 soon.

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